November 4, 2008: Another two papers accepted in the past while based in part on data taken at ARO. So far it has been a good year equipment wise, but the weather was bad mid year - the last couple of months have been better.

Feb 4, 2008: In early December, Lionel Catalan of Thunder Bay, Ontario and I independently discovered a new eclipsing binary variable star. We both noticed this star to be changing in brightless (slightly) while observing another star in the same field of view. The star is known as VSX J063528.5+053600 and GSC 00154-00555. It took several nights of observing time to determine the properties of its light curve which varies between magnitude 13.05 - 13.15 (in V) and has an orbital period of 1.07245 days.

January 31, 2008: ARO stops searching for supernovae. I will now be devoting most (all?) of the available observing time to collaborations with Majaess and Turner and AAVSO variable star observations.

January 24, 2008: Majaess, Turner, Lane and Moncrieff have completed another paper (The Exciting Star of the Berkeley 59/Cepheus OB4 Complex and Other Chance Variable Star Discoveries) based in part of data from the ARO. This paper will appear in the Journal of the AAVSO.

January 1, 2008: I was backing up to DVD my images from 2007 today and thought I'd report a few stats. I had clear enough skies to do at least some imaging on 115 nights. That works out to about 1 night in 3 being clear enough to observe. Not included in these numbers would be nights that I wasn't near home (vacation, etc.). Data collected totalled just under 30 gigs.