Images and discovery details of and SN2005ea in PGC33622
(discovered September 12, 2005 as confirmed on IAU Circular 8600)
Discovery made by Paul Gray and Dave Lane from Abbey Ridge Observatory

Discovery Notes

Paul Gray and I have discovered another supernova (mag ~17.5) in PGC33622 (a magnitude 15.4 galaxy in Ursa Major), as reported on IAU Circular 8600. This discovery is part of an organized search program of ~2500 galaxies.

It was detected in the evening of September 12, 2005 by Paul (located in Fredericton, NB) while he was studying images taken nearly a week earlier at the semi-automated Abbey Ridge Observatory (located at Stillwater Lake, Nova Scotia).

It was verified immediately and reported late the same evening to the IAU's Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams. It was confirmed overnight by Ajai Sehgal.

Discovery Images (top is 2005-09-06 00:23 UT, bottom is 2005-09-13 00:21UT)


Designation: Supernova 2005ea
Discovered on an image taken at 2005-09-06 00:23 UT (confirmed by Ajai Seghal)
Position: RA=11h 06m 47.89s Dec=+57d 41' 7.5"
Located about 14" W of the galaxy's nucleus
Peak Brightness: ~16.3 magnitude
Type: unknown

Galaxy Names: PGC33622, MCG10-16-61, CGCG291-29, A1103+57
Galaxy RA: 11:06:49.5 (11.1137498 hours)
Galaxy Dec: +57┬░41'07" (+57.685299 degrees)
Galaxy Magnitude: 15.4
Galaxy Size: 0.9'x0.6'
Galaxy Class: SBc
Galaxy Distance (Ho=75): 420.6 million ly

Extract from IAU Circular # 8600

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SUPERNOVA 2005ea IN MCG +10-16-61

D. Lane and P. Gray, Stillwater Lake, NS, Canada, report their discovery of an apparent supernova (mag about 17.0) on an unfiltered CCD image (cf. IAUC 8462) taken on Sept. 6.016 UT, with a confirming image showing the new object at mag about 16.3 on Sept. 13.015. SN2005ea is located at R.A. = 11h06m47s.89, Decl. = +57o41'07".5(equinox 2000.0), which is about 14" west of the nucleus of the galaxy MCG +10-16-61. Nothing is visible at this location on their images taken on Apr. 22 (limiting mag about 17.7), June 6 (limiting mag about 18.5), and Aug. 18 (limiting mag about 17.8), and nothing is present on Digitized Sky Survey images from 1994 (limiting red mag about 21.0) and 1988 (limiting blue mag about 20.5).

Last Updated: September 24, 2005.