Welcome to the ARO!

The Abbey Ridge Observatory is a robotic astronomical observatory located in Stillwater Lake, NS, Canada. It is owned by Dave Lane.


It is one of only two observatories in the world, along with the Burke-Gaffney Observatory, that can be controlled from Twitter in a fully-automatic way!


At this site, you will find information about the observatory, its work and how to use it.


Abbey Ridge Observatory (ARO), built in 2003, is named for the granite ridge that rises up above Elbow Lake and along Abbey Road in Stillwater Lake, NS. It sits on bedrock on the edge of this ridge giving spectacular views from the south through to northwest. The site is quite dark, considering that it is only about 23 kilometres to the west of Halifax (population ~400,000).

Equipment Summary

The observatory is built around a fiberglass 10-foot diameter Home-Dome. Inside is a Celestron C14 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope mounted on a Losmandy Titan german equatorial mount controlled by a SiTech controller. Its imaging camera is an SBIG ST8XME CCD camera with a 10-slot filter wheel, Optec NextGen telecompressor, and an Optic TCF electric focuser. We also use an AAG CloudWatcher to monitor the sky conditions.

2016 News

May 1, 2016: ARO is now officially online as the world's second Twitter-controlled observatory! I welcome RASC members (and others that I know) to give it a try! It operates identically to the BGO. There are some differences in the available filters and image field of view.

April 30, 2016: A new website is done!

January, 2016: ARO is now the world's second Twitter-operated observatory after the BGO. Documentation on how to use the observatory yourself will be put on-line soon!

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