Site Information

Latitude: 44N 41.3'
Longitude: 63W 49.5'
Elevation: 100-metres
Time Zone: AST/ADT (UT-3 or 4 hours)
Visual Sky Brightness: MVM is about 5.7
Measured Sky Brightness: Sky Quality Meter readings of 20.6 are on the best nights (Bortle Scale of 4). Measurements range from about 20.3-20.6.
Seeing: Stellar profiles are typically 2.5" to 3" FWHM

Telescope Specifications

The telescope is a Celestron C14 with the following specifications:

Optical Design: Schmidt-Cassegrain + 0.5x Optec NextGen telecompressor
Primary Mirror Diameter: 0.355-metres
Secondary Mirror Diameter: 114-mm
Original Focal length: 3910-mm
Effective Focal length: 2050-mm (at f/5.8)
Original Focal ratio: 11
Effective Focal ratio: 5.8 (with telecompressor)

CCD Imaging Specifications

The camera is an SBIG ST8XME with CFW-10 filter wheel.

Sensor: Kodak KAF-1603ME
Dark Current: 1 e- per second at 0C
A/D Converter: 16-bit
Gain: 2.5 e/ADU
Full Well: 100,000 e-
Read Noise: 15 e- RMS

Binning Selection Physical Bin Size
Image Resolution
Image Size*
1 (normal setting) 9 x 9 0.90” x 0.90” 1530 x 1020
2 18 x 18 1.80” x 1.80” 765 x 510

* Field of view is 22.9’ x 15.3’.

Filters Available

Filter Name Description
CLR Clear (unfiltered)
B Astrodon Photometric B (for photometry)
V Astrodon Photometric V (for photometry)
R Astrodon Photometric R (for photometry)
I Astrodon Photometric I (for photometry)
BLU SBIG blue filter (for pretty-picture imaging)
RED SBIG red filter (for pretty-picture imaging)
GRN SBIG green filter (for pretty-picture imaging)
SPECTRA Rainbow Optics Star Spectroscope Grating

Equipment List

  • Technical Innovations 10-ft Home-Dome (with some minor adjustments)
  • In-house developed custom dome controller (rotation sensing uses a bar-code reader)
  • Losmandy Titan german equatorial mount (with Gemini controller removed)
  • Sidereal Technology Servo I telescope controller with SiTechexe control software
  • Celestron C14 telescope
  • Optec TCF-S temperature-compensating focuser
  • Optec NextGEN WideField 0.5X telecompressor
  • SBIG ST8XME CCD camera
  • AAG CloudWatcher Cloud and Wind sensor
  • Windows 10 PC in the dome (custom heater for winter)
  • Digi Edgeport/8 8-port USB-Serial interface box
  • D-Link DCS-935L webcam
  • X10-based power control (dome, pier, and lights)
  • Windows 10 PC in the house (data storage and database/webserver)

Software List

  • Nova Astronomics: Earth Centered Universe Planetarium and Telescope Control
  • Diffraction Limited: MaxIM DL/CCD
  • Abbey Ridge Auto-Pilot (custom to ARO/BGO) with lots and lots of scripts
  • Mission Control (custom to ARO/BGO)
  • BGO Social Media Gateway (custom to ARO/BGO)
  • CCDWare: FocusMax
  • DC3 Dreams: PinPoint
  • ASCOM Platform
  • Apache/MySQL/PHP database and website
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